Degree programmes

In the teacher education programme, students combine two teaching subjects, or a teaching subject and the specialisation in inclusive education. The order of chosen subjects is irrelevant, as there is no first or second subject in the teacher education programme.


Choosing your teaching subjects

Not all subject combinations may turn out as ideal. Before enrolling in the programme, it is advisable to think about the type of school you would like to work at later, as not all teaching subjects are taught at all school types. Please also keep in mind that you may not find a vacant teaching post in case there is no demand in the specific school types. Another consideration would be whether you would like to teach at a school in a (larger) city or on the countryside.

  • The subjects German, English and Mathematics are offered by all types of schools in an extensive number of teaching hours at all secondary school levels.
  • The subjects Sports and Physical Education, and Religion are offered in a smaller number of teaching hours at all secondary schools and all secondary levels.
  • The subjects Biology and Environmental Education, History and Political Education, and Geography and Economic Education are offered by all school types in many levels in a smaller number of teaching hours.
  • The subjects Chemistry, Descriptive Geometry, Home Economics and Nutrition, Greek, Computer Science, Latin, Physics, Psychology and Philosophy, Hungarian, as well as the Romance languages (French, Italian, Spanish) and the
  • Slavic languages (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Polish, Slovakian, Slovene, Russian and Czech) are offered only by some school types, not in all grades and in some cases only in a small number of teaching hours. The current job market is favorable for some of the subjects mentioned, especially for those in the field of natural sciences. However, the job market is constantly changing. Be advised to also check whether many students are enrolled in your respective subject(s), as this may decrease your job opportunities. At the moment, job prospects for the subject Philosophy and Psychology are very unfavorable, which is why this subject is currently not offered as part of the Teacher Education Programme for General Secondary Education for newly enrolled students.

If you are unsure about your choice of subject(s), please visit the student advisory service of the SSC Teacher Education:

Labour market

Need for teachers

Information on the labor market situation and the forecast need for teachers can be found here!

Combination with an artistic teaching subject

Artistic subjects (e.g. Music Education, Fine Arts, Textile Design, Design and Technology) are currently offered at the art universitites Vienna. Please note that there are seperate admission procedures for artistic subjects, which test your artistic aptitude for the respective degree programme(s). After passing the artistic entrance exams, admission is granted via the respective art university. In the Association North-East, you’ll only be co-registered.

Complementary Degree Programmes

There are two complementary degree programmes as part of the University of Vienna’s Teacher Education Programme. 


Complementary Degree Programme: Third Subject

Through the Complementary Degree Programme: Third Subject, you can enroll yourself in a third teaching subject in addition to your existing Teacher Training Programme and your two teaching subjects. 


Complementary Degree Programme for PH graduates

The Complementary Degree Programme for PH graduates is a postgraduate course for all those who have attained a 3-year bachelor’s degree in Teacher Education Studies Secondary Level. After completing the complementary degree programme, graduates are eligible to study in the Master’s Teacher Education Programme General Secondary Education in the North-East Schools’ Group.

A total of 90 ECTS (45 ECTS per subject) have to be completed for both subjects. The following subjects are offered:

Degree programmes / teaching subjects that cannot be combined

There are degree programmes which deal with the teaching of educational content but are not teacher education programmes for general education. These degree programmes cannot be combines with a teaching subject in the Teacher Education Programme General Secondary Education. These include:

  • Master’s degree programme Sinology – focus on teaching skills in Chinese (University of Vienna) 
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programme in Religious Education (University of Vienna)
  • Master’s degree programme Islamic Religious Education (University of Vienna)
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in the field of Agrarian Pedagogy (University College for Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy) 
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in the field of Environmental Pedagogy (University College for Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy)
  • Bachelor’s degree programme Agrarian Pedagogy/Environmental Pedagogy for graduates (University College for Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy)
  • Master’s degree programme Business Education (University of Economics and Business;